The First Thing You Need

Recently, I got a call from a potential client looking for a lead generating social media program. Knowing I needed a little research on what marketing they had already introduced, I took a look at their website.

It was a do-it-yourself Wix site, filled with grammatical errors, poor graphics, disruptive music, bad photography, and content that was too vague and short to provide any real description of what the company really did for their clients.


The 10 Key Elements of a Successful Fundraising Event

From celebrity soirées to charitable benefits, there’s a big list of responsibilities that go into creating a guest experience that will bustle with energy.

For one thing, there’s much more to it than just filling the seats. You need to attract the right people who are motivated to graciously give to the cause. And like anything worthwhile, the devil’s in the details.


Famous Quotes About the Essence of Public Relations

Public Relations, like practically every other form of communication, has gone digital.

But, as the French novelist Alphonse Karr once said, “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Here are some notably applicable quotes to illustrate the point.


How PR and Digital Marketing Work Together.

There’s no getting around it — digital marketing is the only way to predictably reach practically every audience you need to, short of toddlers, babies in cribs and the dead.

However, it’s not all roses. More and more brands are noticing quantitative advertising (meaning the concentration on total audience size) isn’t working as well as it used to. Brands are finding consumers are checking out of watching campaigns, not clicking on pop-up ads, not liking intrusive forms of mobile advertising, and not responding to what was previously a great strategy — focusing on total audience. > more

Emerging Media Trends And What The Mean To Us

It’s been a crazy ride. We’ve seen a number of changes in the media marketplace over the nearly two decades Coterie Media has been in the media strategy business.

  • Television, print, radio and online have merged, purged, and recreated themselves, stealing attributes from each other.
  • More news outlets depend upon wire services for covering stories that their reporters would previously do… but were laid off instead. > more

Should PR Professionals Specialize in Just One Industry?

While recently reading about the fastest growing PR agencies in the U.S., I noticed a commonality between our firm and those who had recently been hitting their stride. None of them were specialists in one industry – something I was happy to read.

In previous years, experts have recommended that PR firms work to dominate one specific niche – doing anything else means you’re out of business in six months. However, over the past 16 years, our firm has put a toe in a number of different industries, and has profited from every single one.

I can’t answer why those PR firms don’t focus on one industry — it wasn’t expressed. But for a firm like ours, it’s preferred in my opinion – for our clients, and for us. >more

Top Five Reasons You Need Public Relations

Earlier today, my team and I reviewed a recent campaign — something we do once the dust settles on every project. We review what we were tasked to do, what the client did in working with us, the flow of information to and from various entities, and what tactics worked.

Considering the number of clients and projects we’ve had over the past sixteen years, it’s about as routine as it gets. But what is continually surprising is how similar the answers are, year over year. As Mark Twain once said, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”

Public Relations can do a great many positive things – especially with the incredible tools and technologies we now have at our fingertips. Much of the time, clients expect their PR agencies to solve basic brand problems they simply cannot… >more